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Buy Cheesy Puffs Online, THC Medicated Cheesy Puffs edibles are bursting full of cheese flavor like the original  but with an extra cannabis kick! The soft cheesy, puffy goodness that these edibles have are  amazing and will leave you wanting more.

So get a couple of packs or you will be disappointed when you run out. Worried about the cannabis taste edibles have? Well, fear no more! It tastes like the original Cheesy Puffs but with a subtle taste of cannabis which will uplift your spirits.

For a recommended dosage, we’ll start with three to four chips with an activation  time of 20-30 minutes depending on how advanced you are in weed edibles. If you’re fairly new, you should start with one to two chips to see how elevated you are after  activation as a result, you can base how much you want to eat next session.

Medicated Cheesy Puffs Chips edibles are perfect if you want a quick snack with elevation, relaxation and  good feels! They are designed to be the ultimate stress reliever and snuggle buddy. Super soft, comfortable, and perfectly huggable. They provide lots of love and company while  also being a great body pillow for your sleep. Super cozy and comfy.

Plushy Features  Our plushies can improve sleep. Cheese puffs are the snack attack you will be happy to have. Pick up a bag or two or three. Trust us, your family will be asking for more. The bright orange bag stands at eighteen inches tall and comes filled with 8 small and cuddly anthropomorphized cheesy puff balls. Just by looking at the expressions of each ball makes your heart melt.

At least you don’t have to worry about the cheese dust after you touch them. 8 pcs of cheesy balls: 10cm.  A family favorite, our deliciously cheesy and crunchy cheese puffs are the snack attack you will be happy to have. Pick up a bag—or two or three. Trust Us, your family will be asking for more.



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