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Buy Heavy Hitter Gummies, Our ultra-potent premium concentrates create the purest, best tasting, hardest hitting gummy on the market. 5 Pieces per package. Each piece has 20MG THC, portioned into 2-10MG sections, (10mg per serving as our compliance people like to say). 100 MG THC per package.

You can enjoy them at whatever speed suits your style.

Strain Type:  Hybrid

Effect:  A potent body-high that’s also euphoric and uplifting, our Gummy will keep you relaxed and focused with a smile.

Perfect For:  Music Festivals, Game Night, Travelling
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– Nut Free
– All-Natural Ingredients, Coloring & Flavoring
– Perfect Consistency & Texture

Heavy Hitters Pineapple Gummy We know you love your fast hitting vape and the long ride you get from Gummies. Now you can have both without sacrificing purity or potency. This is the most pure and potent gummy on the market. Contact Us For More Info

Our Gummies are infused with Heavy Hitter’s Ultra cannabis oil. Each Gummy is packed with 1250 mg of THC

Heavy Hitters Orange medicated cannabis Gummies in the pack you get 6x Gummies with 100mg in each Gummie total of 600mg in each pack, the product comes in a hermetically sealed bag as pictured.


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