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Buy THC Distillate Online, THC distillates can be taken in many different way;, oral, sublingual, or trans-dermal application, or even though vaporization and inhalation (e.g. dabbing).

Smoking distillate uses the same methods as smoking shatter. The Online Dispensary offers competitive pricing on all cannabis products.

If you are looking for affordable options, we have everyday low pricing with a price match guarantee pure, solvent free superior cannabis extract.

Potent THC level of 98%. Thick clear THC Distillate that can be ingested as an edible, can be used as a topical, or dabbed. Just a little dollop can go a long way. This golden nectar will floor you. Warm it up for more efficient and convenient use.

We supply high purity products with a very good and discreet shipping system. With experience of 12 years with delivery in research chemicals;

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we concentrate Distilled cannabis has the highest THC content of any available concentrate, period.

Using the short path distillation process, THC distillates are 90-99% in purity, miles ahead of the 15-25% range found in flowers, or the 60-80% found in BHO and Co2 made concentrates.

Frankly, the concentrate is  evolutionary, given its one-two ultimate combo attack of going through a clean extraction process, which proves sustainable, and also, its high THC content, which proves to be the purest form of concentrates.

THC Distillate is a translucent golden viscous liquid that consists of 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol (basically a sort of THC sap). And it’s worth is more by weight than most other consumables available.

It is believed that since it is at the highest levels of purity, and it is so versatile, its applications are nearly limitless. Cannabis oil distillates may be the future of cannabis concentrates.

They are easy to infuse and consume and they will no doubt find an important place in the various market applications of the cannabis concentrate industry.

The Benefits of Distillation

By adjusting the amounts of varying cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, extraction processes can now control and achieve the array of experiences consumers need and desire.

Distilling these substances into their purest form requires additional refinement. Our staff at Global Cannabis Home are experts at understanding and executing these processes. THC distillate is a liquid cannabis concentrate.

Like other concentrates, distillates contain a high THC concentration with no superfluous plant material. So when you buy THC distillate online in Canada, you get a potent product with a high concentration of THC.

Distillates are similar to other concentrates like THC oil, but some crucial differences exist. The active marijuana components are extracted into a carrier liquid in each process.

One significant distinction is finding THC distillate online in Canada prepared with alcohol rather than oil. Many people who order THC distillate in Canada use this concentrated orally.


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