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Buy THC Gummy bears, they are made by Nummy Bears, are the beautiful looking bears in different colors. Just like the general bears, the gummy bears would grab your attention immediately. A single gummy bear contains 50mg of cannabis, providing you with enough dosage to alert you. THC Gummy Bears contain the chewy chocolate caramel taste.

A flowering period of 7-8 weeks is required for the production, thus an ideal time for growth and usage. The yield from these buds is fully resin-based. This resin is known to stick your fingers together. The hybrid average of THC content in these gummy bears has been found to be 13%. THC Gummy Bears taste as lemonade soaked berries.

You can take these bears over your tongue and breathe into your nostrils. Candy like taste can also be felt in bits. You can actually feel the high taste that most people enjoy while taking these gummy bears.  These gummy bears are mainly based on THC. Similarly, whole plant cannabinoids and terpenoids also form the part of the bear but in minor quantities as compared to THC.

Because of which people with lesser tolerance or medical issue should not consume a higher dosage of these gummy bears should not be taken. Gummy bears are efficient for migraines and pains. It might not treat the severe issues, but in general milder effects of migraines and other pain can be fully addressed.

For the people who are depressed, THC gummy bears could provide great relief. It can actually be helpful for maintaining the alertness and activeness of mind even when you have a high-head. You can expect to maintain your focus. You can even expect it to indulge you in great slumber. The exact dosage of these gummy bears for each individual isn’t fixed.

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You’ll have to go for a test and try approach. Multiple factors determine the exact dosage including the age, previously consumed dose, time of the day, food intake, usage of other drugs, etc. You can note down these aspects and the impact that the dosage creates on you, resulting in a better evaluation of the dosage that suits you.


Hand infused with TOP quality concentrate

Never Sprayed

Free of Propylene Glycol

Accurately Dosed

Lab Tested

Strain Specific

To avoid over consumption, it is essential to “know your dose”.  The best advice here can be summarized by the following phrase, “Go low and slow”. This will allow you to gradually build confidence in using cannabis and help to mitigate any unwanted side effects. See our edible dosage mg chart below. (Please note we are not doctors, this information is for educational purposes).


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