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Buy White Runtz Blunt Online, The balanced hybrid known as White Runtz is a favorite of Runtz fans, fans of citrus, and anyone who craves stress relief. Like most Runtz strains, it has Gelato and Zkittlez in its genetic lineage, the results, in this case, being creamy, sleepy, fruity, and a bag of giggles.


Even one hit of White Runtz packs a punch, and I’ve smoked bowls that felt like dabs in the past. Although not physically debilitating, the strain’s potency leads to such high highs that a comedown is
almost impossible to avoid. Take it very slow if you plan on activities or going out in public with this one.

With a similar flavor profile to Runtz, this strain boasts a sweet and fruity profile and is accompanied by a smooth smoke.

This was one of the hottest strains in California for a few months before it seemingly fell off the map, making it a rare but sweet find.

White Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid strain Runtz comes in multiple phenotypes, but the strongest is White Runtz, which can have a THC percentage hovering around 30%. The White Runtz pre-roll blunt is made with this amazing strain of weed. It is a pre-rolled joint that you can buy at Our Shop.


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