Lemon OG Wax For Sale Online

Lemon OG Wax For Sale Online, Fruity and skunky, this indica furnishes an overwhelming body feeling with unmistakable exciting impacts. Quick acting, this strain includes the best of both Lemon Skunk and OG Kush guardians.

What is Lemon OG?

Lemon OG, otherwise called Presidential Kush or Lemon OG Kush, is a half and half cannabis strain, 60/40 Indica. DNA Genetics, a famous seed organization established in 2004, reared the first Lemon OG by intersection a genuine Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cut with the OG #18 cut.

What strain is Lemon?

About Lemon Haze. Lemon Haze is an exceptionally famous Sativa-overwhelming half and half that infers the two its intensity and its amazing fragrance from two lofty guardians: it is a cross between sativa crossover Silver Haze and sharp Lemon Skunk.

The Lemon OG strain is potent, with an average THC of approximately 20%. However, its THC level can range from 17% to 24%.

Lemon Walker OG is a cannabis strain that has won the second spot in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. It came in as extraordinary compared to other cannabis concentrates, offering a buzz in the cerebrum that numerous other MaryJane strains would not have the option to give. Contact Us For More Informations.

The average cost for good quality Lemon OG Wax is $30 per gram. You can also get one-eighth oz for around $60, one-quarter oz for around $100, half an oz for around $160, and an ounce for around $260.

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