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Order Alienlabs Xeno Pre-rolls Online, To begin with, alien labs start gaining practical experience in reproducing their own obsessive cannabis blossom in 2015 and, at a certain point. However, We trust in Alienlabs and even conveyed it on the menu. After some time we started to see the little brand everybody cherished had become the thing we as a whole dreaded ‘large weed’.

Alien Labs

5 Pack Pre-Roll


THC 23.14% CBD 0.06%


THC: 23.14% CBD: 0.06%

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These Alienlab PreRolls are made of different flavors such as; Lemon OG, Area 41 and Chemdawg and many others found at Our Shop.

This strain is a constrained version cluster importantly, Area 41 has a decent blend of cerebral and body impacts also, can help treat wretchedness, sickness, constant agony, incessant pressure and hunger misfortune.

Moreover, taste is sweet lemon, citrus, foods grown from the ground. Area 41 is suggested for daytime and evening time use. Contains five pre-rolls per pack.

As we looked over their selection, a very fine collection of Flowers, edibles, Pre-rolls, Waxes, Concentrates and CBD stuff alien labs leading cannabis brand. In short, they had any and everything a user, customer, or patient would be interested in.


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