10x Stoney Patch


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Stoney Patch For Sale Online

Stoney Patch For Sale Online, These gummies are edibles made with high quality with quality marijuana available at Global Cannabis Home. Stoney Patch are infused with 350mg THC. Our Gummies are highly demanded by 80% of our youth clients due to the ease and discretion of the products.

It is also highly demanded because of the speed at which it kicks in(getting you high asap). Stoney Patch which are food products infused with any of marijuana’s active THC and CBD ingredients are called edibles. Stoner Patch Dummies, also known as Stoner Patch Gummies, are bite-sized Gummies that taste like Sour Patch Kids.

They taste sweet and also come in a variety of flavors like Grape, Tropical, Watermelon, and Strawberry Gummies. When a Sour Patch gummy infuses cannabis (THC), a Stoner Patch is born. Often, medicinal patients or beginners like to eat Stoner Patch Edibles before they smoke marijuana because it takes a lot longer to kick in.

Edibles take longer to process than smoking or eating cannabis. The effects of Stoney Patch edibles differ from one person to another. While some enjoy their Gummies because of the “high” feeling, others may have a higher tolerance and not feel any effect at all. Cannabis-infused Gummies typically start kicking in 30 to 60 minutes after being ingested.

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How long it takes for the edible to breakdown and go directly into your bloodstream usually determines how long it takes to feel the effects. People with a higher tolerance than others don’t need to worry about eating a higher amount.

For beginners, it’s best to start with 1-2 Gummies and see how you feel after an hour before gradually increasing your dosage. In short, Stoney Patches are safe as long it’s being consumed responsibly. Stoner Patch Gummies usually last an average of 5 hours.

After ingesting, people hit their peak in 2 to 4 hours and feel normal after 5 to 6 hours. Unlike veteran smokers, taking more than 200mg THC will have the average consumer feeling high for more than 6 hours give or take there body mass and THC tolerance.

This scenario varies case by case basis. Stoners can find out about Stoney Patch Gummies 350 mg dosage here. Stoney Patch Dummies take longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping cannabis. They’re sweet, nice, soft & not too sour.. The feeling of being “high” can also be more intense and take longer.


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